Parking Study

Kestrel Data collected midweek off-peak and peak parking occupancy data among dozens of surface lots in downtown Raleigh, NC. Parking data was also collected during the NC Bluegrass Festival. While one of Kestrel’s partners collected parking deck occupancy at ground level, Kestrel Data flew an aircraft over the city, taking high resolution photographs of the entire downtown area. The deployment of aircraft and resulting orthomosaic images offered significantly improved data accuracy and resolution, as photography from all surface lots was collected in a matter of minutes.

An orthomosaic map is created by "stitching" several images together to form a single high resolution map.  In the example below, 740 acres of the city of Raleigh, NC was photographed from an airplane and an orthomosaic map was prepared for the purpose of counting the number of parked cars within the defined area. These maps were created once an hour over an 8 hour period to yield an analysis of how available parking capacity was being used.

Individual Images
High Resolution Orthomosaic Map
Zoomed In Area of Detail



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